Thursday, December 24, 2009

Jen Otten's media steamroller keeps on going

CTS alumna Jennifer Otten's paper on the effects of limiting TV viewing on caloric balance came out in the same issue of the Archives of Internal Medicine as a major paper on the cancer-causing effects of CT scans. The CT paper diverted media attention and stole a lot of the immediate thunder from Jen's work. Nonetheless, Jen's work has slowly been getting more and more attention in the media and the blogosphere. Most stories about newly published research fizzle out pretty quickly, but this one still has legs. For instance, the New York Times has published a second article about it!  That's pretty unusual and a testimony to the importance of her work.

The original work is here:
Otten J, Harvey-Berino J, Jones K, Littenberg B. Effects of a Television Viewing Reduction on Energy Intake and Expenditure in Overweight and Obese Adults: A Randomized Controlled Trial. Arch Intern Med 2009; 169(22):2109-2115.

UVM will be issuing its own press release on the story soon.

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