Thursday, September 22, 2011

Clinical Research Oriented Workshop (CROW) Meeting: Sept 22, 2011

Present: Kairn Kelley, Amanda Kennedy, Connie van Eeghen

1. Check in: We surveyed ourselves about where we would like these CROW notes to appear on the web. Our plan is to continue to post them on the CTS Blogspot and ask Jen to put a link to the Blogspot under the CTS website, under the Current Students tab. Amanda is a resource for website changes and questions.

2. Kairn: Update on Academic Work

a. Kairn’s progress from 2008-2010 has met the program requirements; 2010-11 is noted as a “lost year.” To date, Kairn has 40 academic credits (3 in process, 32 left to go), has reframed but maintained the study question, cleaned data, completed an unstructured literature review, and built many helpful relationships. Still to be determined is whether the teaching requirement was met, TBD by Alan. This semester includes one course (NH302 “Quality in Health Care”) and the comprehensive exam in December (or January).

b. At last update with Ben, ready to produce an outline for the dissertation study. Still to do:

i. Set up Dissertation Committee: Ben; Liz Chen; Donna Rizzo (complex systems), acting as outside chair; Betsy Hoza (psychology)

1. Donna Rizzo can support looking at complex systems tools; Betsy Hoza can support looking at dichotic words testing in kids with ADHD

2. Critical success factor: do not let the committee distract you. Bring an outline of exactly what you want from the committee: plan, discussion, and outcomes.

ii. Develop a research plan that builds on a promising relationship and strengthens appropriate skills. However, each relationship must support the end goal of completing the dissertation.

1. Clinically based research

2. Informatics

iii. Develop an education plan: bioinformatics practicum, neuro-course

c. What is the Critical Path? Somewhat based on financial support. A fellowship adds another year to the process (at least), but with the data collected in 2008 there is a reason for moving forward expeditiously.

i. Academic: confirm academic credits with the Graduate College via Jen

1. Completed 12/20 research credits

2. Completed all core courses

3. Other courses to consider as electives in the future: neuroanatomy; practicum with Liz (based on committee advice)

4. Need 8 research credits and another 24 credits (course or research); go heavy on the research

5. At a rate of 6 credits/semester: ~5 semesters – could be completed by 2013

6. Decision made: Graduation date will be in December 2013

ii. Comps Committee – plan for first meeting by end of Oct/early Nov. Need three members (not Ben or Amanda). Will request: Charlie, Peter, Rycki. Amanda to contact all three today. Plan to go to the first meeting with the comps question. (It must be distinct enough from your dissertation to be considered a different research topic. Use FINER criteria.)

iii. Dissertation Committee – approve dissertation question by 12/15/11. Schedule the first committee meeting by Oct 15 (for a date by Dec 15). Kairn will send out the email by Sept 23.

1. Development of study question still to come; to be discussed at upcoming CROW session on Oct 13. Be specific; is it fine tuned enough to be published in an academic journal? (The requirement is to be able to produce one or more publishable articles.)

2. Plan for review article in 2012.

d. “The only good dissertation is a done dissertation.” Post this on the wall where you work!

3. Next Workshop Meeting(s): Thursday, 12:30 p.m. – 2:00 p.m., at Given Courtyard Level 4

a. Sept 29: Rodger – ??? (Ben teaching “Cell to Society”) (Amanda late)

b. Oct 6: Connie – qualitative analysis (Ben out)

c. Oct 13: Kairn: study question (with one or more version already written out)

d. Oct 20: (no Amanda)

e. Future agenda to consider:

i. Ben: budgeting exercise for grant applications

ii. Rodger: Mixed methods article; article on Behavior’s Influence on Medical Conditions (unpublished)

iii. Future: Review of different types of journal articles (lit review, case study, original article, letter to editor…), when each is appropriate, tips on planning/writing (Abby)

Recorded by Connie van Eeghen; edited by Kairn Kelley

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