Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Friday Sem Replacement - May 4th

EBSCOhost Training Session for HRSA Employees
May 2nd 1:30-2:30pm

The Health Resources Library at HRSA hosted a webinar on using EBSCOhost for health research.  One aspect of this training I found particularly interesting was their suggestions for using EBSCO when working with a group:

1.            Since EBSCOhost allows multiple user names to be associated with one email address, it was suggested that one member of a group create a username and password that can be shared among all members.  This approach allows multiple people to access the account and conduct searches, share articles, remove articles from folders, etc.

2.            You can also choose to create a customized folder and share that folder with others via email.  This option allows others to access the articles that you place in the folder but doesn’t allow anyone besides yourself to add or remove articles from that folder. 

I don’t have a link to provide for this webinar, but I would highly recommend taking advantage of other training sessions for research related search engines – I know that they are periodically offered through Dana Medical Library.

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