Monday, June 17, 2013

Clinical Research Oriented Workshop for June 12, 2013

Ben, Charlie, Abby, and Marianne were present. 

Marianne distributed an overall view of criteria to support CTS students in basic information competencies required in the Designing, Conducting and Reporting Clinical Research Core classes.  (See Marianne for a detailed outline.)   

These competencies: 
1) emphasize use of PubMed to identify relevant literature, find full text of articles, and download citations and articles to a reference manager and 
2) emphasize use of EndNote to manage literature found and to cite properly and efficiently when writing grant proposals, IRB proposals and journal articles. 
3) identify other sources of information  The idea is to have a website linkable from the Blackboard instance of the class. 

Marianne also showed the preliminary work she has done on the website which is not yet publicly viewable.
Those attending agreed that this could be useful. One suggestion was to include a few self-test questions for students on each tab or topic. Marianne was most appreciative of the time and feedback.

Recorder, Marianne Burke

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