Thursday, July 31, 2014

Clinical Research Oriented Workshop (CROW) Meeting: July 24, 2014

Present:  Marianne Burke, Kairn Kelley, Ben Littenberg, Connie van Eeghen

Start Up:

1.                  Discussion: Marianne’s research update
a.       Marianne provided a draft of her study protocol outline.  Some of the questions that were discussed were:
b.      Study design: the choice of a clustered randomized control trial, rather than a pre-post crossover design. 
c.       Identification of the primary outcome, and whether there is any literature based sources for patient self-assessment of the resolution of dermatological problems. 
d.      Secondary measures, including provider use of the knowledge-based resource.
e.       Sample size (an outcome of the primary outcome discussion) and strategies for dealing with the feasibility of patient consent and data collection.  Marianne is going to do more checking on the use of a “Codman Card.”

2.                  Next Workshop Meeting(s): Thursdays, 11:30 a.m. – 12:45 p.m., at Given Courtyard South Level 4.   Remember: the first 15 minutes are for checking in with each other.
a.       July 31: Kairn – research update
b.      August 7: Marianne’s literature review with editor comments (no Ben)

Recorder: Connie van Eeghen

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