Monday, November 3, 2014

Report by Marianne Burke, PhD student

Report by Marianne Burke

Robyn Bluhm PhD, Old Dominion University, presented  “Teaching Critical Appraisal of Critical Appraisal” on October 31, in HSRF 400.

The presentation was sponsored by the College of Medicine’s Office of Medical Student Education as part of its Faculty Development Series. Professor Bluhm’s area of expertise is the philosophy of science and medicine.

Dr. Bluhm reviewed the critical appraisal aspect of the evidence-based medicine model (EBM) as it has been classically described. She examined how EBM guidelines for the appraisal of treatment studies are flawed. She argued that while EBM methods for examining the internal validity of a RCT or systematic review are strong, the EBM approach to external validity and application to patient care are weak.

Much discussion ensued among those present.

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