Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Open Science Workflows for Modern Reproducible Research

Apple Data Scientist and UVM alum Ted Hart speaks at noon on October 5 in the Biology Seminar, room 105 Marsh.

Title: "Open Science Workflows for Modern Reproducible Research”

Abstract: Open Science is a growing practice across scientific disciplines where all aspects of the scientific process are transparent from idea to publication.  The practice of open science can provide benefit to both individual scientists and their field as a whole.  Despite these benefits open science can suffer from apparent and real opportunity costs, often leading to people continuing with closed scientific practices even if they are interested in open science.  In order make open science easier I will present an overview of the “open science stack”, a set of tools and practices that make doing open science easier.  I will discuss each element of open science and some of it’s benefits, along with examples of how you can adopt open science best practices that can lead to better long term project management and increased citation of your work.

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