Thursday, June 23, 2016

GRIM test posted on PeerJ Preprint

The draft of  The GRIM test: A simple technique detects numerous anomalies in the reporting of results in psychology describes a simple way to check for errors in small studies that collect data using integer scales and report means.

It's received some attention in popular press (like this article in the Economist) and has been posted on  PeerJ Preprint -- "What is a PeerJ Preprint? A PeerJ Preprint is a draft of an article, abstract, or poster that has not yet been peer-reviewed for formal publication. Submit a draft, incomplete, or final version of your work for free."

The draft includes links to their project on Open Science Framework -- where one can access a spreadsheet to run calculations and the data presented in the article.

The discussion on the post includes a link to plain-language explanation, a reference to "Student's" original work, and a web-implementation of the test (created by a reader to run the numbers and visualize the outcome).

It's an interesting example of the use of open science tools as well as an interesting way to check validity of reported results in small studies.

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