Friday, September 9, 2016

Clinical Research Oriented Workshop (CROW) Meeting: Sept 9, 2016

Present:   Marianne Burke, Nancy Gell, Kairn Kelley, Ben Littenberg, Gail Rose, Liliane Savard, Adam Sprouse-Blum, Connie van Eeghen

Start Up:
1.                   Gail Rose - her “pitch” to the UVM Computer Science class who might build an app for use for an STTR application
a.       PEARRS: Patient Engagement Alcohol Risk Reduction System: proposal to CS 275, presentation in 2 weeks
b.       The group looked at a graphical presentation of an individual male/female report on drinking
                                                   i.      How effective is a bar graph presentation?  Various opinions were forthcoming…
c.       Goal: develop an app that supports helping providers help their patients understand alcohol use and mine data to identify patients in a clinic that might be at risk for heavy drinking
                                                   i.      (Missing paren at end of slide on Background
                                                 ii.      Deliverables:
1.       Questionnaires (preceded by education)
2.       Calculations
3.       Graphical feedback based on scores and therapeutic messages
4.       Reports
d.       What might matter to the students of CS 275:
                                                   i.      Will affect people’s behavior; impact
                                                 ii.      Has a future
                                               iii.      Interesting and challenging; looking for their creative input as well as labor
1.       Secure: protected health information
2.       Schematic: the flow of information
                                               iv.      People are going to be fun to work with
e.       New plan
                                                   i.      PES: history and success in changing patient interaction with health care
1.       Next: alcohol
                                                 ii.      Flow
1.       Identify
2.       Assess
3.       Report
                                               iii.      Features
1.       Questionnaires
2.       ….
3.       Protects health information
4.       Engaging and easy to use
f.        Next steps: revise and return!

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