Monday, March 7, 2011

Clinical Research Oriented Workshop (CROW) Meeting: March 3, 2011

Present: Abby Crocker, Amanda Kennedy, Ben Littenberg, Charlie MacLean, Connie van Eeghen

1. Check In:

a. Abby just finished a univariate study

b. Ben went to National Kidney Foundation (patient advocacy group); very interested in primary care early management of kidney disease and the opportunity offered to create guidelines for primary care that work through Boolean logic. NKF is looking for ways to connect their educational content in support of computerized programs that assist providers in primary care settings. Other opportunities noted in chronic disease management software that link to primary care EMRs.

c. Connie is working with a faculty member on an interesting class management issue.

2. Connie’s and Rodger’s Draft Intro & Description/Article

a. Totally deconstructed; ready to start again with a new outline:

i. Brief presentation of collaborative care and PCMH

ii. Challenge presented by merging medicine and psychology

iii. QI overview

iv. A3 specifically

v. Instructive, with example

b. Stay tuned; more coming

3. Next Workshop Meeting(s): Thursday, 2:30 p.m. – 4:00 p.m., at Given Courtyard Level 4

a. March 10: Abby update (no Rodger)

b. March 17: John Senders - engineer and psychologist with deep expertise in human error and an international authority on medical errors; Ben as host

c. March 24: Rodger: NCQA survey data (no Connie)

d. March 31: Rodger: State wide mental health in Blueprint evaluation design (no Amanda)

e. April 7: (no Connie)

f. April 14: (no Connie)

g. Future agenda to consider:

i. Rodger: Mixed methods article; article on Behavior’s Influence on Medical Conditions (unpublished)

ii. Future: Review of different types of journal articles (lit review, case study, original article, letter to editor…), when each is appropriate, tips on planning/writing (Abby)

Recorder: Connie van Eeghen

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