Tuesday, February 12, 2013

New Pub for Rodger Kessler

Congratulations to Rodger Kessler on this recent publication:

Survey Shows That Fewer Than A Third Of Patient-Centered Medical Home Practices Engage Patients In Quality Improvement
By Esther Han, Sarah Hudson Scholle, Suzanne Morton, Christine Bechtel, and Rodger Kessler

Health Affairs 32, NO. 2 (2013):1-8

ABSTRACT Directly involving patients and families in care improvement
increasingly is viewed as an important component of patient-centered
care. To assess the extent to which practices actually involve patients, we
surveyed 112 patient-centered medical home practices in twenty-two
states. Nearly all of these practices sought patient feedback. However,
only 29 percent involved patients and families as advisers and sought
feedback through surveys, and only 32 percent involved patients in a
continuing role in quality improvement. Interviews showed that practices
that highly value patient involvement overcame barriers to ongoing
patient participation. We argue that a cultural shift is needed in how
practices view patients as partners, not just in areas such as personal
responsibility and self-management, but also in quality improvement and
governance. Practices must gain more experience and see more examples
of the benefits of engaging patients, and they may need more incentives
and support for engaging them.

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